Astute scouting and forward thinking has produced a long line of NET surprise success stories


Gal Mekel

Dallas Mavericks

Gal initially caught our eye during the 2011-12 season at Benetton Treviso (6.3 ppg & 3.7 apg). Gal had played college ball at Wichita St (9.3 pg & 3.7 apg). During the summer of 2012, Gal trained with David Thorpe. While in Florida, Gall contacted us in hopes of landing some NBA individual workouts. We successfully hooked Mekel up with the Utah Jazz, who thought enough of Gal to offer him a spot in training camp. Unfortunately,Gal was not able to attend due to immigration complications. Instead he signed with Haifa, where he won the Israeli championship and was named Domestic Player of the Year. Gal later signed with agent Sam Porter of Exclusive Sports, who negotiated Gal's multi-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jeremy Evans

Utah Jazz

Jeremy was a 190 lb center at Western Kentucky. After seeing him play against Vanderbilt, we targeted Jeremy as a key recruit. After signing with NET, Jeremy trained with Tim Grover. From there he took off. NBA teams offered workouts and the rest is history. Evans was drafted by the Utah Jazz and received a two year deal. He later signed with Priority Sports, who negotiated a modest extension. Jeremy was the 2012 NBA All Star Dunk Champion.

Enis Kanter

OKC Thunder

Although Kanter had not played organized basketball for nearly two years, it was no accident that Kanter made it to the NBA. Max Ergul had a long standing relationship with the Kanter family, but lacked the experience to single-handedly represent Kanter's professional interests. We introduced Ergul to our then attorney George Andrews, who masterminded Ergul's NBPA certification. Although most mock drafts predicted Kanter to fall as low as 7, the Utah Jazz grabbed Kanter as the 3rd overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.

Jannero Pargo

Charlotte Bobcats

Jannero made the NBA the hard way, as an undrafted free agent. We signed Jannero straight out of college, valuing his ability to shoot and his quality character. As a rookie, Pargo made the star-studded Lakers. Now represented by Priority Sports, Pargo has enjoyed a 10 year NBA career.

Thabo Sefolosha

Atlanta Hawks

When Thabo was drafted by the Bulls, we were hired by his agents Guy Zucker and Herman Manakyan. We assisted Thabo with local marketing and administration. This service included advice on real estate purchases, automobile dealer sponsorships, and local appearances. Sometimes we even cared for his infant during games. We attended Thabo's wedding in Switzerland and have enjoyed his mother's art exhibits.

Greg Stiemsma

Toronto Raptors

Greg Stiemsma was a backup at Wisconsin, where he was often injured, out of shape, or distracted. We saw great athletic potential and signed Stiemsma directly out of college. We placed him in low pressure jobs in Europe and Asia where he not only earned a significant living, but also gained confidence in himself. The rest is history. We successfully negotiated his free agent contract with Boston, where he was a cult hero. The next season we negotiated a two year deal with the Timberwolves, who used their valuable "room exception". Stiemsma went on to sign with Priority Sports who took Stiemsma out of Minnesota and placed him with New Orleans.

Henry Walker

Miami Heat

Henry's story is that of perserverance. When in high school he was considered a sure fire NBA lottery pick. But injuries and weight problems overtook Henry as he faded into D-League obscurity. It was in Sioux Falls that Henry transformed from angry to appreciative. He was then rewared with a multi year contract with the Miami Heat.